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Welcome To OHCHS Freshman Science

Content Standards

Mr. Chuck Martin
Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School
256 Maine Street
South Paris, Maine  04281

"We are all made of star stuff.  If you truly want to make an apple pie from scratch, you would first have to invent the universe."  
                        Carl Sagan

"The worst thing that can happen-will happen-is not energy depletion, economic collapse, limited nuclear war, or conquest by a totalitarian government.  As terrible as these catastrophies would be for us, they can be repaired within a few generations.  The one process ongoing, that will take million of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by destruction of natural habitats.  This is the folly our descendants are least likely to forgive us for."   Dr. Edmund O. Wilson, Harvard University

Parent/Guardian Note: A parent portal is available for use by parents/guardians to monitor grades and assignments for your child.  The parent portal will be updated on a weekly basis.  If you have questions on a particular assignment, before the portal is updated, please email me.  Parent portals may be set up through the main office at the high school.  Below is a copy of the syllabus for my science class:

     Welcome to O.H.C.H.S.  This year, we will be investigating and exploring the fields of earth and space science.  Within the program, different modes of instruction and assessment will be used in order to address the many varied learning styles of the students.  Writing, reading and math skills will also be integrated within the science curriculum.  Basic lab skills will be introduced to prepare students for the more rigorous lab curriculum that they will encounter in their sophomore through senior years.

     The freshman year of high school, is a time in which students seek to pull away from adults, yet still seek that nurturing connection.  It is my goal to help all students become organized, to develop a strong work ethic and develop a curiosity about the world in which they live.  Making connections with students on a daily basis is a  goal of mine.  Please feel free to call and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  I hope the year is both productive and fun for all students.

                                                                Mr. Chuck Martin
                                                                743-8914 (W)
    A vital part of the science curriculum is the laboratory experience.  These labs will supplement and reinforce concepts presented in class.  It is expected that students will understand and follow all safety rules as they apply to the lab.  Labs will focus on the following areas:
        1) Lab safety
        2) Lab tools
        3) Mass
        4) Temperature
        5) Linear distance
        6) Volume, both liquid and solid

The Science Notebook

    At the end of each quarter, students will be expected to hand in a science notebook, which should include the following items in appropriate order:
1)      Notes
2)      Hand-Outs
3)      Tests/Quizzes
4)      Homework
5)      Labs

    Evaluation will include neatness, completeness, and orderliness.  As a class, we will work on organizing the notebooks throughout each quarter. A grading rubric will be handed out to each student so that expectations will be clear. Vocabulary lists, with definitions, and constructed sentences are to be included in the notebook. Each period, a general, and science, vocabulary word will be added to the list, and sentences developed using these vocabulary words.

Extra Credit

  Students who earn a low score on a test or quiz my retake the test or quiz in order to prove mastery of the material.  Test and quiz retakes may be taken during tutorial period, or after school.

Academic Practice Work

1)      All academic practice work will be checked on a regular basis.  It is expected that all academic practice work will be turned in on time, however, work will be accepted up to the end of the marking quarter.  If the student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get the academic practice work and notes from the class(es) missed.  All academic practice assignments are posted on my website daily. It is expected that students will complete this academic practice work during their tutorial or study hall each day.  This way, work does not need to be taken home and I can be available to assist students if needed.

Note: A 50 will be recorded in the grade book and parent portal for assignments that are incomplete or have failed to be turned in.  Once completed, the grade will be raised to a maximum of an 80, in accordance with the quality of the work.  A parent portal may be set up through the central office so that your child’s academic work can be monitored via the internet.  Assignments and grades are updated weekly.  Academic practice work can be accessed via my website at:

I look forward to an exciting year of science with your son/daughter.  Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions that you may have.

Chuck Martin
Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School

A copy of the science curriculum, along with the high achievement outcomes, can be viewed at the district website at:

Extra Help- I will be available after school at least one day a week, and often more times, for student help.  My goal is for each and every student to pass my class for the year,  In order to pass, they must receive a 78 or better in each of the standards listed above.

Grading Percentages
Assessments             35%
Behaviors               10%
Classwork               20%
Labs                    25%
Homework                10%
                Total: 100%
Please contact me with any questions you may have about these categories.

Grading is done on a scale of 50-100%.  No D's will be given out.  Grades will consist of an A,B,C,and F.  A failing grade will be any grade 77 or below. Please be vigilant about viewing grades on the portal.  Mistakes can, and will happen, when inputting large amounts of numerical data on the portal.  Please bring any discrepancies to my attention.

Homework Assignments

Date                    Homework
8/29                            Parent Essay/Get science notebook organized
8/30                            Parent Essay/Get science notebook organized
9/2                             Holiday-Labor Day
9/3                             Poll parents on tax dollars being used for NASA funding VS privatization
9/4                             Poll parents on tax dollars being used for NASA funding VS privatization
9/5                             No Homework
9/6                             No Homework
9/9                             No Homework
9/10                            No Homework
9/11                            Finish A.U. Project
9/12                            Finish A.U. Project
9/13                            No Homework
9/16                            No Homework
9/17                            Finish EMS Sheet
9/18                            Finish EMS Sheet
9/19                            Finish Zodiac sheet
9/20                            Finish Zodiac sheet
9/23                            Continue working on major telescopes of the world map
9/24                            Continue working on major telescopes of the world map   
9/25                            No Homework
9/26                            No Homework
9/27                            Study for quiz/WS 27/28 
9/30                            Study for quiz/WS 27/28
10/1                            WS 25/26
10/2                            WS 25/26
10/3                            WS 23/24
10/4                            WS 23/24
10/7                            Finish satellite map and galaxies drawing
10/8                            Finish satellite map and galaxies drawing
10/9                            Finish writng up lab-Scale project of solar system (Meters)
10/10                   Finish writng up lab-Scale project of solar system (Meters)
10/15                   WS-Circumpolar Constellations-Big Dipper
10/16                   WS-Circumpolar Constellations-Big Dipper
10/17                   Continue working on star collage
10/18                   Continue working on star collage
10/21                   Organize science notebook-WIll be graded this week
10/22                   Organize science notebook-WIll be graded this week
10/23                   Study for quiz/Finish star collage
10/24                   Study for quiz/Finish star collage
10/28                   Study for quiz/Finish birth of a star drawing
10/29                   Study for quiz/Finish birth of a star drawing
10/30                   Study for quiz/Star drawing-Birth to death
10/31                   Study for quiz/Star drawing-Birth to death
11/1                            No Homework
11/4                            Sketch the following star and constellations with appropriate location in sky: Cassiopeia, Big Dipper and Polaris
11/5                            Sketch the following star and constellations with appropriate location in sky: Cassiopeia, Big Dipper and Polaris
11/6                            Parent/Teacher Conferences
11/7                            Find Draco the Dragon,Cygnus and Ursa Minor and sketch them as you view them in the night sky.
11/8                            Find Draco the Dragon,Cygnus and Ursa Minor and sketch them as you view them in the night sky.
11/12                   Find Pegasus, Delphinus and the Pleiades and sketch them as seen in the night sky.  FInish constellation packet
11/13                   Find Pegasus, Delphinus and the Pleiades and sketch them as seen in the night sky.  FInish constellation packet
11/14                   No Homework
11/15                   No Homework
11/18                   WS #25/26-Graphing Skills-Number of daylight hours
11/19                   WS #25/26-Graphing Skills-Number of daylight hours
11/20                   Finish power paragraph
11/21                   Finish power paragraph
11/22                   No Homework
11/25                   No Homework
11/26                   No Homework
11/27                   No Homework
12/2                            Clean out and organize science notebooks
12/3                            Clean out and organize science notebooks
12/4                            Study for quiz
12/5                            Study for quiz
12/6                            Study for quiz
12/9                            Study for quiz
12/10                   Study for quiz/FInish math problems-Kepler's Law
12/11                   Study for quiz/FInish math problems-Kepler's Law
12/12                   Finish star -scale drawing
12/13                   Finish star -scale drawing
12/16                   Finish Kepler's Math worksheet
12/17                   Finish Speed Lab
12/18                   Finish Speed Lab
12/19                   No Homework
12/20                   No Homework

Merry Christmas-  Break time can be used to organize science notebooks and complete any past due work.
                                   See you next year!
1/2/14                  Snow Day
1/3                             Complete summaries on Mercury, Venus and Earth.
1/6                             Snow Day
1/7                             Organize science notebook/Finish Mercury/Venus/Earth Profile sheets     
1/8                             Organize science notebook/Finish Mercury/Venus/Earth Profile sheets     
1/9                             Organize science notebook/Finish outer planets packet   
1/10                          Organize science notebooks/Finish outer planets packet
1/13                            Finish both inner and outer planets profile sheets including Pluto.  Make sure that I                         get them on my desk by. Friday, when grades close. Organize science notebooks
1/14                            Finish both inner and outer planets profile sets including Pluto.  Make sure that I                                  get them on my desk by.Friday, when grades close.  Organize science notebooks
2/11                            Clean out science notebooks-Complete any late work from the tectonics standard
2/12                            Clean out science notebooks-Complete any late work from the tectonics standard
2/13                            Finish any late work owed in the tectonics standard
2/24                            Finish Pangaea cut out project
2/25                            Finish Pangaea cut out project  
2/26                            Finish writing prompt- Continental drift
2/27                            Finsh  writing prompt-  Continental drift
2/28                            Worksheet # 27
3/3                             Worksheet #27
3/4                             No Homework
3/5                             No Homework
3/6                             Finish drawing of Earth's layers
3/7                             Finish drawing of Earth's layers
3/10                            Finish Momentum Worksheet
3/11                            Finish Momentum Worksheet
3/12                            No Homework
3/13                            Snow Day
3/14                            No Homework
3/17                            WS 45/46
3/18                            WS 45/46
3/19                            Organize Science notebooks
3/20                            Snow Day
3/21                            Teacher Workshop Day
3/24                            Clean Science Notebook-Complete any late work
3/25                            Clean Science Notebook-Complete any late work   
3/26                            Complete late work
3/27                            Complete late work
3/28                            End of 3rd Qtr-No Homework      

3/31                            Worksheet # 27/28
4/1                             Worksheet #27/28
4/2                             10-2 SR Qts (1-8)
4/3                             Finis4/5h tri-fold on plate movement
4/4                        Finish tri-fold on plate movement
4/7                             10-2 SR Qts 1-8
4/8                             Finish map of oceans and graph of temperatures
4/9                             Finish map of oceans and graph of temperatures
4/10                            Workssheet #22/23
4/11                            Worksheet #22/23
4/14                            Worksheet # 24/25
4/15                            Worksheet # 24/25

Daggett's Rock-Maine's largest glacial erratic, located in Phillip's Maine

9/8 and 9/9 Lecture Notes 26-1
26-1 lecture.pages
Lecture Notes 26-2

Lecture Notes 27-1
27-1 notes.pages
Lecture Notes 27-2
27-2 Lecture Notes.pages
Lecture Notes 27-3
27-3 notes.pages
Lecture Notes 30-3

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Lecture Notes  30-4

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